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My name is Sibe Doosje (1956), M.Sc., and I currently work at the department of Health Psychology of the Utrecht University in The Netherlands. As a psychology teaching professor, trainer and investigator I take the study of humor, positive emotion and their effects on health seriously. It seems odd to me that we have spent so much attention to stress SibeUU.jpg (88832 bytes)and negative emotions and their effects on health, and have neglected the effect humor and positive emotions can have. So far a number of studies have shown short-term effects of positive emotions on the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune system. However, we do not know much about the long-term effects. Also, a number of humor studies have serious methodological difficulties. As a consequence, I started a PhD project on the value of humorous coping on emotional well-being and immunological functioning.

What is this site about?

The purpose of the Humour Lab is to present and gather reliable and valid information on the psychology and health aspects of humor. It is aimed at everybody interested to know more about humor and positive emotion. Since I am involved in a research project linking humor and health (see Ph.D. project), the accent on this web site will be on health psychological perspectives on the subject. Regarding humour this site contains my personal favorites like famous comics and quotes.Also, you may test your humour knowledge by surfing to questions and answers. This Lab also has a Labrary filled with references on humor, mainly in relationship to health. If you have any suggestions, please contact me at the Department of Health Psychology, or mail me at the e-mail address below.

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